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I became interested in assisting people with their career struggles after having gone through a couple of major career transitions myself. In early 2002, not too long after 9/11, my planning analyst position with a major online and catalog retailer was eliminated. I had no network to speaof. Fast forward more than 10 years later, I have a wonderful network of awesome people I respect, and who respect the work I do. Getting from point A to point B was not easy, and it took a lot of work. As I develop the content for RichCareer, I will do my best to impart my lessons learned.

For the past four years, I have helped college students and recent graduates navigate their way through their job searches. Sometimes they “get it,” but sometimes they just don’t want to do the “heavy lifting” required for a successful job search. Those who “get it” work hard at networking, researching companies, following up, preparing, being active and professional on social media, and doing whatever it takes to portray themselves as true professionals. Invariably, these are the people who get the good jobs and who get promoted.

Read my blogs and other blogs I recommend, and if you apply the advice provided by my favorite career colleagues and me, you will find the search for your next opportunity will go smoother and quicker.

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